Pizza Museum Set to Open This Summer in Philadelphia

“Philadelphia is not one of the world’s great pizza cities. In America, the Italianate constellation of New York, Chicago, New Haven, Conn. and Providence, R.I. has long reigned at the top, and it could be argued that even Trenton, N.J. and Phoenix, the homes of giants DeLorenzo’s and Pizzeria Bianco respectively, have bigger slices of the pie than Philadelphia. But the scene has been been growing in recent years; Pizzeria Stella and Barbuzzo have joined grande dame Taconnelli’s as very respectable choices for slice fans. And Philadelphia will soon gain a big new weapon in the pizza wars: the world’s first pizza museum,” according to the Huffington Post.

“When it opens late this spring in Philly neighborhood Fishtown, Pizza Brain will display 27-year-old Brian Dwyer’s collection of pizza memorabilia, the Guinness recordholder for the biggest such collection in the world. It will also, appropriately enough, serve pizza”