Pizza Mascot Loses His Head in Robbery

According to, “Little Caesar is looking for his head. That’s because someone stole it.”

“The Little Caesar’s Pizza Restaurant on 23rd Street in Panama City is recovering from a robbery Thursday.  Now it might be a little tougher for one teenager to do his job. Caleb Higbee, 16, he’s the big shot at Little Caesar’s. He started at the pizza joint just a few days ago. However, Thursday afternoon, the “Pizza Pizza” dude went headless. A quick break from the costume cost Little Caesar his noggin.”

“The manager did get around to filing a police report.  She says Little Caesar’s head will cost about $2,000 to replace. As for Caleb, he gets to keep his job. He just has to do it without a head. Sgt. Jeff Becker with the Panama City Police Department says they are looking for a white male driving a black or blue newer model Ford F-150. Becker says the truck was headed to the beach, and Little Caesar shouldn’t be too hard to find.”

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