Pizza Mann, Austrias largest Pizza chain (24 stores, delivery/take-away/dine in) introduced a new product range this spring: Pizza Mann Deluxe, consisting of four high quality pizzas (Ruccola, Sweet Scampi, Thai Chicken and Caprese), two antipasti (fish and vegetarian), Moët&Chandon Champagne and Paris Hiltons RICH PROSECCO.
“Observing Pizza, there is also a demand for special recipies beside Cappricciosa or Diavolo”, says Alexander Platzl, CEO Pizza Mann, “and when calling Pizza Mann it is also possible to get champagne right at the door!”.
Deluxe Pizzas are being produced in oval shape that gives the pizzas a special touch on the Austrian market. Deluxe Pizzas are packaged in a new rectangular pizza box in platin colours, “unique in Austria and maybe all over Europe”, says Stefan Pühringer, Pizza Mann Marketing Manager. The new box is also available at EBAY.
The promotion is supported by RICH PROSECCO and Moët&Chandon Champagne, both cooperation partners of this campaign. Due to this cooperation Pizza Mann is able to use Paris Hilton sujets on all advertising materials.
The new product range joins the other Pizza Mann USP´s like “Pizza delivered within 30 minutes – or free” or “All pizzas with five toppings– one flat price”. During 2006 Pizza Mann concentrated mostly on costumer services like “SMS notificitation before delivery” (costumers get a SMS when the driver leaves the store) , “Call me back & save money” (Pizza Mann calls costumers back free of charge to take their orders), “Online loyality Card” (Rewarding program) or “The Pizza Tracker” (see the production status of your pizza). It is also possible to use debit- or credit card – even at the door, drivers have a mobile credit/debit machine with them. These services mostly separate Pizza Mann from its domestic competitors.
The Pizza Mann Group consists of 24 franchised Pizza Mann outlets and 42 “SCHNITZELHAUS” stores. SCHNITZELHAUS belongs to Pizza Mann since 2005 and operates in the “Schnitzel” business, Austrians most favourite dish.

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