Pizza Maker And Barber Go Mobile

""According to, “Two men, one a barber and the other a pizza maker, whose shops were shut down after a fire ravaged their building at 2914-18 Fairfield Avenue in March, have gone mobile to serve their customers until they can reopen.”

“Marty McCarthy, who operated a brick oven pizza restaurant, bought a fire truck and mounted his oven in it to bring his pizza making to private gatherings, catered parties and public events. The mobile pizza unit will hit the road this week. ‘I bought a 1985 fire truck, a tanker, which had been used by firefighters in Vernon,’ McCarthy said. ‘I removed the water tank and the pump and mounted my pizza oven in the truck.'”

“The new venture even has a domain name,, and will soon have its Web site up and running so patrons can learn all about it. McCarthy, 36, who has been a volunteer firefighter in Fairfield, said the truck can easily carry the oven, though it weighs 1,800 pounds, because the water tank when full weighed much more. He said the truck will provide him and his family with income while he waits to reopen his shop following repairs to the building. The truck will also lend a new source of enjoyment for his pizza fans and revenue for his business, even after the restaurant reopens, he said.”