Pizza King Receives Lottery Bonus for Selling Winning Ticket

“An Albany, Oregon, pizza restaurant has a little extra dough, thanks to a $9 million lottery ticket it sold,” reported KEZI TV. “Representatives from the Oregon lottery presented the $90,000 bonus check to Pizza King for selling the winning MegaBucks jackpot ticket. Pizza King Owner Ruby Lewis accepted the oversized check on behalf of her restaurant. She says Pizza King has been selling lottery tickets since ’92, but couldn’t believe her restaurant sold the lucky ticket.”

“She hasn’t made any final decisions as to how to spend the money, but has some ideas. ‘I’m wanting to make sure that we use it wisely, and I want to do something that gives back to our community, and I want to publish my cook book and do things that benefit Pizza King,’  Lewis said. The big $9 million winner from Albany wishes to remain anonymous, but Pizza King owners say she is deserving of the money.”