Pizza isn’t just delicious—it’s also good for you.


Journalism once was largely a sober-minded affair—news departments at the networks actually lost money, but no one cared because they were performing a public service. Reporters and editors toiled over the wording of articles that might be seen as controversial or inflammatory and triple-checked sources for accuracy. Deadlines loomed, but they found the time to get the facts right.

With today’s 24-hour news cycle and media saturation, journalism has become entertainment, a moneymaking enterprise. We’re bombarded with provocative headlines emphasizing conflict and controversy. Loaded language abounds. The goal is to grab your attention quickly—by scaring you or making you angry—so you’ll read even the lamest “news” items.

Lately the pizza industry has fallen victim to this trend, as news outlets report on studies about pizza and nutrition. Pizza is bad for us, the headlines scream. It’s making our kids fat! It’s wrecking our waistlines!

Of course, pizza isn’t the problem. Overeating is the problem, and that goes for Twinkies and tacos, too. Too much of anything is a bad thing. In this month’s cover story, “Picture of Health” (page 34), Andy Knef talks to nutritionists and fitness experts to uncover the truth behind these half-baked headlines: Not only can pizza be a delicious part of a balanced diet, its key ingredients can actually help improve our health!

PMQ can’t stop the negative media coverage, but we can empower our readers with accurate information to combat erroneous claims when talking to customers. You can even download PMQ’s “Why Pizza Is Good for You” graphic at Hang it as a poster in your shop, share it on social media and spread the truth about pizza.

As a pizzeria operator, you can be proud of the food you serve—not just because it’s delicious, but because it’s a healthy dietary choice. As one dietitian told Andy, “Eating is not just about nutrition—it’s about an experience. Traditional foods like pizza give us joy.”