Mililani, HI, December 06, 2006 –(PR.COM)– “Pizza is sexy, right now,” contends World Famous Pizza Maker, Ed LaDou.

LaDou , best known as the creative pizza genius behind Wolfgang Puck’s Pizza as well California Pizza Kitchen, was responding to the current state of pizza and the infatuation of the media for all things pizza. LaDou, who has been creating pizza for over 30 years, owns and operates Caioti Pizza Café, in Studio City, California.

Ed LaDou’s remarks are contained in the recently released Legends of Pizza, Volume 2. The Legends of Pizza is a collection of interviews with pizza masters. Also interviewed on the disk are Tony Gemignani, seven time World Pizza Champion of Pyzano’s Pizzeria, Castro Valley California and Brian Spangler of Apizza Scholls, Portland, Oregon.

“Ed LaDou is a national treasure,” contends Albert Grande, of (, who created the Legends of Pizza series. “LaDou has been featured in Pizza the Movie, television specials, pizza books and was invited, in 2005, to present pizza for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, in Washington, D.C.

“Ed LaDou is finally getting the recognition he deserves,” explains Grande. “Ed LaDou is a true contemporary pizza master.”

Legends of Pizza, Volume 2 in addition to LaDou, features Tony Gemignani who describes his early pizza influences and reveals some of his pizza tossing techniques which allowed him to become a seven time World Pizza Champion.

“Tony G. gave away all of his pizza tossing secrets,” says Grande. “In addition to being a World Class Pizza Champion, he is also an author and pizza master. He gives an audio workshop on how to toss a pizza. He is the ambassador of Pizza. He has a featured role in Pizza the Movie and regularly appears on national television including appearances on The Food Network. He travels the world doing pizza exhibitions. I was lucky to be able to find him near a phone,” quips Grande.

“Peter Reinhart, describes Brian Spangler as the next super star of pizza,” explains Grande. “Spangler has taken his pizza making skills to the stratosphere. His pizza making has been compared to that of noted pizzaiolo Chris Bianco, of Pizzeria Bianco, located in Phoenix, Arizona.”

Both Reinhart and Bianco were interviewed for Legends of Pizza, Volume 1.

“Brian Spangler explains his dough making process from A to Z. He shares not only how to make pizza dough, but what it means to have total pizza dedication,” adds Grande.

“The recordings are not studio quality,” admits Grande. “The pizza knowledge and pizza passion expressed, more than makes up for the quality of the audio. There has never been anything quite like the Legends of Pizza before” adds Grande.

Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and Volume 2 are available at (

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