(Press Release) THE COLONY, Texas, May 29, 2012  — Bada Bing! Pizza
Inn is spicing things up with the debut of its new Spicy Sicilian
Pizzas to the menu. Available as a limited-time-offer in two styles,
Pepperoni Diablo and Spicy Roman, these mouth-watering pies pay tribute
to taste buds wanting a spicy twist on authentic Italian flavors.

“We are an international pizza chain always pushing the boundaries to
develop pizzas that are innovative and delicious like the Spicy
Sicilian Pizzas,” said Charlie Morrison, CEO and president of Pizza Inn
Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:PZZI). “Made with a crispy and tender crust and
featuring a variety of meats, fresh vegetables and a spicy new sauce,
we know our guests who crave zesty flavors will love it.”

The Pepperoni Diablo option of the Spicy Sicilian Pizzas includes spicy
Diablo sauce topped with pepperoni, jalapenos, banana peppers
and red chili flakes with Mozzarella and cheddar cheese. The Spicy
Roman option offers spicy Diablo sauce loaded with bacon, onions,
tomato and crushed red pepper flakes with Mozzarella and cheddar
cheese. Both delicious choices are featured on the new thin Sicilian
Style Crust, a crispy Italian crust with a hint of garlic that is made
fresh daily at every Pizza Inn.

With more than 300 restaurants, Pizza Inn has served traditional pizza,
pasta, sandwiches and desserts since 1958. The Spicy Sicilian Pizza is
available at all Pizza Inn locations beginning May 28 for a limited
time only.

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