This image from Pizza Hut's $10 Tastemaker Calendar depicts a mounted Pizza Hut delivery "driver" pursuing a trio of wild horses.

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Pizza Hut’s Tastemaker Value Deal Comes With Free Calendar Covering 22 1/3 Months

In a new marketing campaign, Pizza Hut offers a three-topping pizza for $10, touting 680 unique topping combo possibilities.

Pizza Hut has come up with a catchy name for a value offering that’s otherwise pretty straightforward—a large pizza with three toppings for a flat $10. But the chain’s promotional campaign for the deal, dubbed the Tastemaker, is anything but ordinary.

Starting September 9, the first 680 customers who ordered a Tastemaker deal for delivery were promised a free Pizza Hut-themed calendar covering 22 1/3 months.

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“Most value deals mean limited menu options, so while your wallet thanks you, you’re likely making some sacrifices along the way to chow town—until now,” the company said in a press release.

Pizza Hut emphasized its selection of “more than 17 toppings,” which makes for a total of 680 topping combinations—or a different pizza every day for 680 days if you really, really dig Pizza Hut. To drive the point home, the $10 Tastemaker Calendar highlights a unique three-topping combo for each day over the 22 1/3-month period.

this image shows another image from Pizza Hut's $10 Tastemaker Calendar, featuring a restaurant in the middle of a snowy forest
Another image from Pizza Hut’s $10 Tastemaker Calendar: a Pizza Hut store in a bucolic, deep-winter setting.

As for the calendar itself, the press release said, “Each month is complete with imagery inspired by the funniest, most absurd and overused calendar tropes, but reimagined through the eyes of a pizza lover. From an astronaut eating pizza floating in space (let’s not forget, Pizza Hut was the first pizza delivery to outer space), to a slice exploding with toppings radiating within the Northern Lights, to a delivery ‘driver’ riding alongside wild horses to his next destination, Pizza Hut fans will eat their way through the next 22+ months with a side of sheer visual entertainment.”

Pizza Hut shared two images from the calendar: a Pizza Hut store in a bucolic, deep-winter setting and the above-mentioned cowpoke in a Pizza Hut T-shirt (with a delivery bag) somewhere in the wild, wild west.

Starting on September 9, Pizza Hut promised a free $10 Tastemaker calendar to the first 680 customers who ordered the deal via the chain’s mobile app for delivery. However, the calendars weren’t actually delivered with the pizza, the company explained. “Calendars will be sent to the address where the amazing $10 Tastemaker was delivered, but greatness does take time, so it will be a couple months.”

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“At Pizza Hut we’re all about providing a great value on the pizza you actually want,” George Felix, Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer said in a statement. “With more than 600 topping combinations and the freedom to get your favorite pizza through carryout or delivery, the value and flexibility of this offer really speaks for itself.”

Pizza Hut’s $10 Tastemaker Calendar was offered to the first 680 customers who ordered the deal for delivery.