Pizza Hut Working Toward Settlement with Franchisee

""“Lawyers for Larry Lundy, the New Orleans native and former Pizza Hut magnate who shuttered his 44 restaurants last year, and the Dallas-based pizza chain have been working toward a settlement, records from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas show. Both sides came together Jan. 24 in New Orleans in an effort to “resolve all outstanding claims between the parties,” according to a Jan. 31 court filing, according to the Times Picayune. Larry Lundy shuttered his 44 Pizza Hut locations last year, including this one on Prytania Street.”

“No deal was reached, but both sides will continue negotiations in the coming weeks, according to the filing, which asks for a delay in the trial proceedings to allow for talks to continue. If a settlement is not reached, the trial could start in October, according to the filing, Lundy owned 44 Pizza Hut restaurants, including 11 New Orleans area locations, that closed after the chain filed suit against his company, Lundy Enterprises, claiming it had fallen behind on royalty payments.”