Pizza Hut Valentine’s Day Special: Pizza Selling for $10,010*

“*The deal also includes flowers, limo service, fireworks, a videographer, photographer, and a red ruby ring—that you’re supposed to propose with. Whether you propose before or after eating pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks is your call. According to survey data, some 4 million Americans expect to propose or be proposed to on Valentine’s Day. Most probably aren’t expecting a proposal over Pizza Hut, though”

“On the spectrum of wacky marketing efforts food industry chains are undertaking to call attention to themselves around Valentine’s Day, at one end is the fun, somewhat offbeat promotion from Krispy Kreme, in which the purchase of a dozen donuts is accompanied by a dozen Valentine’s cards—with each card granting the recipient a free donut. Somewhere toward the other end of the spectrum—in the territory that could be described as silly and goofball, perhaps clever in an ironic way—are the candlelit Valentine’s dinners offered by White Castle and Waffle House.”