Pizza Hut to promote hand-tossed-style pizza

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – According to a report from, “For years, Pizza Hut was a passive player in competing for fans of hand-tossed-style pizza, which represents a big slice of the market. That’s about to change starting next week, when the nation’s largest pizza maker will put its advertising muscle behind a new hand-tossed pizza. The product is meant to snare a bigger share of the hand-tossed market—a $19 billion segment of the U.S. pizza industry.”

According to the report, Bill Ogle, cheif marketing officer for Pizza Hut said, “It’s certainly one of the largest launches we’ve ever done.”

The article said, “Dallas-based Pizza Hut—best known for its pan and thin and crispy crusts—has had a hand-tossed offering for years, but didn’t promote it widely since its launch.”

“We introduced it and then never advertised it again,” said Scott Bergren in the report, who took over as Pizza Hut’s president last December. “That was kind of an odd thing.”

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