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Pizza Hut Claims It’s Removing Pizza From the Menu

The announcement appears to be a thinly veiled promotion for Pizza Hut's Melts, a sandwich-like menu item launched last fall.

Pizza Hut says it’s “officially removing pizza from its menu” and serving only Melts, a sort of pizza sandwich introduced by the chain last fall. But, somehow, we don’t quite believe it.

Although it’s clearly an April Fool’s prank—the menu change supposedly goes into effect on April 1—the text of Pizza Hut’s official announcement gave no hint that it’s a joke beyond the sheer outlandishness of the notion. However, the small print at the bottom of an accompanying photo—depicting a Pizza Hut sign announcing the change—gives the joke away. It reads, “Seriously, though, jk.”

a Pizza Hut sign reads No More Pizza, Only Melts," but the small print at the bottom of the photo reads, Seriously, though, jk.
Pizza Hut

“Since new Pizza Hut Melts launched in October, they have quickly become a customer favorite,” the announcement read. “In response, the brand is taking pizza off the menu and replacing it solely with Melts starting April 1.”

Melts feature Pizza Hut’s signature thin crust folded over with the toppings and cheese inside for an individually sized, sandwich-style meal. It’s available in four varieties: Pepperoni Lover’s, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Bacon Parmesan and Meat Lover’s.

The Pizza Hut prank follows Little Caesars’ ad campaign for an alleged corn cob crust pizza that was really just a promo for the return of the chain’s popular pretzel crust.