According to a report from, “Pizza Hut raised more than $140,000 for the United Way Greensburg Disaster Fund as the result of a day-long benefit drive last Thursday. On May 10, 20% of all sales in Kansas Pizza Hut restaurants were set aside to support those affected by the Greensburg, Kansas tornado.”

“We are extremely grateful for the tremendous generosity of our Pizza Hut customers who went out of their way to contribute to the Greensburg victims,” said Kent Colvin in the article, owner of High Plains Pizza Inc. and the storm-ravaged Pizza Hut in Greensburg. “We also want to thank our fellow Kansas Pizza Hut restaurants for initiating this statewide effort. When communities join together wonderful and positive things happen to change the lives of others.”

The article said, “More than 150 restaurants in Kansas and bordering states participated in the benefit. The 20% portion of the sales from all dine-in, carryout and delivery orders contributed to more than $140,000, which will go into a fund set up by the United Way to benefit the community of Greensburg.”

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