Pizza Hut Quietly Hops Off the All-Natural Bandwagon

According to, “It stands to reason that a restaurant chain that proclaims its entire menu is now going to be made with all-natural ingredients would be happy to provide an accessible list of all those wonderful, wholesome, un-fast food-like ingredients. But that’s not the case at Pizza Hut (YUM).”

“In January 2009, the chain got considerable media attention for its announcement that it had boldly gone where no fast food restaurant had ventured before. ‘Pizza Hut is redefining quality in the pizza category,” boasted president Scott Bergren. Gone were things like high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, nitrites and beef fillers. And in their place were ‘vine-ripened tomatoes,’ ‘Rustica sausage’ and “fire-roasted red peppers.’ At the same time, Pizza Hut said it was launching a new pizza called “The Natural”, a confusing and seemingly redundant announcement given the other news. Nonetheless, it was greeted mostly with praise since, with whole grains in the crust, it looked like a nutritious addition to the standard pizza line-up.”