Pizza Hut Promotes Price Cutting

According to, “Months after stirring up the pizza category with promotional price cuts, Pizza Hut is putting its products on sale.”

“Pizza Hut, part of Yum Brands, was to introduce a campaign Sunday for new low prices on its mainstay menu items. Most medium pizzas will cost $8, most large pizzas will be priced at $10 and most so-called specialty pizzas — like the new Big Italy pie, which has 18 slices — will cost $12 each. ‘Every pizza price slashed,’ signs for the menu deals promise, with the word “slashed” slashed almost in half. The campaign comes after Pizza Hut introduced in early February what it called its ‘$10 any’ promotion — any pizza, any size, any crust, any toppings, for $10 each. Special deals on pasta dishes on Tuesdays and wings on Wednesdays will continue to be offered in addition to the new pizza prices. The $10 promotion has stimulated business, according to Pizza Hut executives. Revenue rose 6 percent to 7 percent in the first quarter compared with the same period a year ago, they said, and rose about 10 percent in the second quarter compared with the second quarter of 2009.”