According to a news report from, “Pizza Hut wants folks to start thinking of it also as something a tad more squishy: Pasta Hut.”

“The nation’s largest pizza chain on Tuesday unveils plans to start delivering pasta on April 6 — something no pizza chain does nationally. The move comes as sales in the $37 billion pizza business are slowing with the overall economy,” said the story. “If we do it right, pasta could become as big a business as pizza,” says Brian Niccol, chief marketing officer. For consumers, “It changes what foods they can get delivered.” Its new Tuscani Pastas will come as Creamy Chicken Alfredo and Meaty Marinara. The price for the pasta is $11.95, the same as a large pizza with one topping, and Pizza Hut says they’ll feed a family of six. The pastas are baked in the pizza ovens and come with five breadsticks. Even as burger and chicken chains have expanded menus in recent years, few pizza chains have. After success with delivery of its WingStreet chicken wings, Pizza Hut not only is embracing pasta, but would consider modifying its name if pasta is a hit, Niccol says.”

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