Pizza Hut is now officially all that and a bag of chips. Well, more like a bag of crisps. That’s how they say it in England.

Pizza Hut UK has partnered with Walkers Max, a leading potato chip brand, to develop two permanent flavors: Walkers Max Pepperoni Feast and Walkers Max Texan BBQ. And when consumers buy either snack, they also get a two-for-one deal on pies from Pizza Hut.

“Pepperoni is Pizza Hut’s No. 1 flavor, and its Texan BBQ is iconic with a loyal following,” said Lynn Grant, marketing manager for Walkers Max, in a press release. “By offering younger shoppers the indulgent taste of these flavors on the well-loved ridged crunch of Walkers Max, we hope to create excitement and offer younger consumers maximum flavor.” (Of course, Grant spells it “flavour.”)

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The Texan BBQ crisps boast a “perfect mix of sweet BBQ chicken and smoky bacon,” the company said, while the Pepperoni Feast “packs the punch” of sweet and smoky pepperoni.

“Given just how popular Pizza Hut is amongst Gen Z, it made absolute sense to work together to deliver these new flavor experiences,” Grant added.

The two-for-one deal, offered via a QR code on each bag of chips, launched on August 7 and will run until December 31. There’s no restriction on pizza size or time of day that the deal can be redeemed.

Walkers is known for imbuing its crisps with some unusual flavors, including Fiery Prawn Cocktail, Flame Grilled Steak, Chicken & Chorizo and Fiery Peri-Peri. Walkers also features two flavors from KFC, Pizza Hut’s sister company in the Yum! Brands family.

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