Pizza Hut Partners with Blinkbox to Offer Food and Flicks Package

According to a report on,”Wonderful news for geeks: Pizza Hut is partnering with online film and TV aggregator blinkbox. Soon you’ll be able to order your extra toppings right alongside your Hollywood blockbuster from a co-branded website, and you’ll get 20% off the movie rental (well, stream) when you order your grub as well. Perfect for all those late-night coding sessions!”

“It looks like the site will only allow you to choose from eight films a week, which is a pity, but this is one of those recession-busting, cashing-in-on-the-credit-crunch type things that will probably do very well. (I mean, have you got the cash – or time – to eat out every night?) On case you’re not familiar with blinkbox, it’s one of the leading online movie aggregators. It has a catalogue of over 5,000 top tier movies from the major studios and was founded by Michael Comish and Adrian Letts with investment from Eden Ventures, Nordic and others.”