Pizza Hut of Kentucky Improves Results with SpeedLine POS Systems

LYNDEN, WA – April 11, 2007 – Pizza Hut of Kentucky announced that the company is rolling out SpeedLine point of sale systems to its 27 restaurants.
Pizza Hut of Kentucky COO Rodney Walraven noted significant improvements in delivery service after only a week with SpeedLine POS systems in two recent restaurant installations.

“The first Friday night with SpeedLine, we ran 94% on time delivery,” Walraven said. “We can see our delivery service a lot better with SpeedLine than with our previous system. It’s easier to operate. We can select grids, keep track of drivers, track their performance real-time throughout the day – out the door time and time in store -to measure performance on an ongoing basis. And with SpeedLine’s fingerprint security, we have strict control over exactly who did what and when.”
In the Leitchfield, Kentucky location, where SpeedLine has been up and running for several months, Walraven noted similar delivery improvements as well as reductions in discounts and voids, and tighter security and cash control.

Walraven also noted a “safety side benefit”: with SpeedLine, they can force drivers to cash out after every run, minimizing the amount of cash they carry on deliveries. Walraven pointed out the importance of features such as this for his multi-unit franchise operation: “I can’t always count on every manager to enforce the rules a hundred percent of the time. SpeedLine adds another layer of control.”
“I’m an old sailor,” Walraven added. “I like to make things sailor-proof – as easy as possible. SpeedLine takes a lot of things out of the hands of staff and makes sure that they happen as they should. It provides the checks and balances we need to run multiple locations.”

“It is gratifying to hear examples like these of the bottom-line impact that SpeedLine has on our customers’ profitability,” said SpeedLine president John de Wolde. “We look forward to working with Pizza Hut of Kentucky to expand the effect of these improved controls across all their locations as we continue their point of sale system rollout.”

About Pizza Hut of Kentucky

Pizza Hut of Kentucky operates 27 franchised Pizza Hut restaurants in Kentucky and Southern Ohio.

About SpeedLine

SpeedLine is the leading provider of intelligent solutions for pizza point of sale. A total pizza information system, SpeedLine helps restaurant operators and enterprise chains operate more efficiently and profitably. With offices in Lynden, WA, and Vancouver, BC. SpeedLine ( ) serves customers in the USA, Canada, and Europe.