Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne Speeds Service with SpeedLine POS

LYNDEN, WA – April 16, 2007 – Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne, operators of several of the busiest Pizza Hut restaurants in the nation, announced plans to roll out SpeedLine point of sale systems to the franchise company’s 45 restaurant locations.

“We have been pleased with the system’s reliability in our high-volume restaurants,” commented Kevin Espy, director of information technology for the franchise company. “The first location where we installed SpeedLine has 13 point of sale terminals and five kitchen displays,” Espy added.

“In our fast-paced delivery locations, speed of service and operational efficiency are critical,” he added. “SpeedLine gives us the responsiveness and reliability we need to serve our customers quickly and efficiently. And with SpeedLink Enterprise above store, we have access to employees, sales, and inventory details for all locations. That gives us the information and controls we need to improve operations and manage the business effectively.”

“We look forward to a long and mutually profitable partnership with Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne,” said SpeedLine president John de Wolde. “We are pleased to be able to help them improve efficiencies in their very successful restaurants.”

SpeedLine will be exhibiting and meeting with customers at the International Pizza Hut Franchise Association Spring Meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado later this month.

About SpeedLine

SpeedLine is the leading provider of intelligent solutions for pizza point of sale. A total pizza information system, SpeedLine helps restaurant operators and enterprise chains operate more efficiently and profitably. With offices in Lynden, WA, and Vancouver, BC. SpeedLine ( ) serves customers in the USA, Canada, and Europe.