LongIslandPress.com reports “Pizza Hut is ready to sell beer but they’re not the only ones. Pizza Hut is joining the ranks of Starbucks and Burger King as one of the chain restaurants that serves alcohol at some of their nationwide locations. ”

“One Pizza Hut location in Trenton City, GA, applied on Monday for the right to sell beer in their establishment according to The Dade County Sentinel. Trenton began the ordinance last August in an effort to allow the restaurant to sell wine and beer by the drink. Due to the strict nature of serving to minors, workers at the locations will have to complete finger print and background checks before being able to serve customers. Another Pizza Hut location in Massillon, OH, also applied for a license to sell wine to customers with the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control according to CantonRep.com. This location already has approval to serve beer and other spirits.”

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