Is there such a thing as too much cilantro on a pizza? Does the herb even belong on a pizza in the first place? Pizza Hut Japan aims to find out with a new menu offering that’s apparently meant to be divisive and controversial.

According to Japan Today, the chain has introduced a pie called the Pakuchi Sugite Kusa, which translates to “Too Much Coriander Herb.”

Before you get confused, cilantro is the term used in North America for the leaves and stalks of the plant species Coriandrum sativum. In Japan and other parts of the world, the plant’s leaves and stalks are called coriander. Either way, we’re talking about the same ingredient.

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Japan Today says the cilantro-topped pizza might be targeted for the GenZ market. It also features prawns topped with tomato sauce and a sweet and spicy Korean sauce called yangnyeom.

Cilantro isn’t for everyone, Japan Today notes, and that’s the point. “This hate-it-or-love-it nature of the herb has led food providers in Japan to double down on their coriander offerings in the past, and now Pizza Hut is joining the fray with a pizza that delivers way more coriander than usual.”

The LTO menu item, available through April 9, is intended to embody Pizza Hut Japan’s slogan, “Always More Than You Can Imagine.”

“Once you eat it,” the chain claims, “you will become addicted to it.”

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