According to a news report from, “Pizza franchises live or die based on their ability to answer the phones as quickly as possible. If the customer has to wait on hold too long – or worse gets a busy signal, then the customer is going to hang-up and call another pizza restaurant.”

“So how do local pizzerias increase their call handling efficiency? Most have 2-5 analog lines deployed. Assuming it’s $20 per line/month, over-provisioning by adding several additional lines that will probably only be utilized during peak load isn’t very cost-effective,” said the story. “Pizza Pizza, a fairly large pizza chain operating 350 restaurants across Canada, has been using VoIP along with a mixture of in-house agents, home-based agents, and outsourced agents since 2005. Using VoIP allowed Pizza Pizza this kind of agent flexibility, as well as the ability to ramp-up or down the number of agents depending on call volume. It’s now 2007, and the world’s largest pizza chain, Pizza Hut has yet to deploy VoIP in its chain of restaurants. Or have they?”

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