Mita Enterprises LLC, a Pizza Hut® franchisee with 21 restaurants has signed a 3-year agreement with Delivery Management Solutions, Inc., makers of DriverUP!™ which uses GPS technology to provide automatic dispatching for pizza and meal delivery into up to 21 of their restaurants.
“DriverUP!™ is a breakthrough in pizza delivery operations,” says Asit Vyas, President of Mita Enterprises LLC.  “The ability to track drivers, adjust for traffic and automatically dispatch orders provides a leap forward in delivery operations-usually one of the most difficult areas to manage.”
“DriverUP!™  has been shown to reduce delivery times by up to 12 minutes while reducing driver labor.  Cutting delivery times is proven to be the single most important factor in increasing delivery sales and re-orders,” says Steven J. Antonellis, President/CEO of Delivery Management Solutions, Inc.  “Any chain that can safely reduce delivery times will create a significant competitive advantage.”
About Mita Enterprises, LLC: Mita Enterprises LLC has owned and operated 21 Pizza Hut franchises in the southern New England market area since 1999.
About Delivery Management Solutions, Inc: Delivery Management Solutions, Inc. is a software development company specializing in logistics, optimization and “location awareness”.  DriverUP!™, formerly known as Pizza Pilot™, is patent-pending and was created by brothers Steven and Bob Antonellis.   Actually delivering pizza for over a year, Bob researched the shortfalls of delivery operations firsthand.  They then applied a healthy dose of entrepreneurial and engineering experience to create a system that eliminates the human dispatcher and provides invaluable above-store management visibility and control.  Contact or call (781) 424-3387.


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