""DALLAS, Jan. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Players from Green Bay and Pittsburgh aren’t the only pros preparing for the Big Game on Feb. 6 in North Texas. Pizza Hut teams across the country are also gearing up for the big day, as Americans are expected to place more than 1.3 million orders with the Dallas-based chain. The projected spike represents an approximate 60 percent increase in business over a typical Sunday, making it Pizza Hut’s busiest day of the year.

The No. 1 Big Game order from Pizza Hut will be pizza, to the tune of 2 million pizzas! To put into perspective the amount of Pizza Hut pizza America will be enjoying for the Big Game, Pizza Hut’s research team crunched some numbers.

  • 2.3 Million: Feet of Pizza Hut pizza to be sold on the big day – enough to reach the summit of Mount Everest 80 times.
  • 1,200: Tons of dough that will be used to make Pizza Hut pizza for Big Game orders – twice the weight of the jumbo video screen inside Cowboys Stadium, site of this year’s game.
  • 90,000: Gallons of marinara sauce that will be spread across Pizza Hut pizzas on game day – enough to fill more than 5,000 beer kegs.
  • 270,000: Number of Big Dipper pizzas expected to sell on Pizza Hut’s busiest day. If all of the Big Dipper strips were laid end to end they would stretch nearly 500 miles – long enough to cover the distance between Green Bay and Pittsburgh.
  • 120,000: Pizza Hut employees who will be working across America to deliver favorite moments to pizza lovers on the company’s busiest day.

Game Day Favorites at Incredible Prices

With slashed pizza prices at Pizza Hut, football fans can stop settling and enjoy their favorites. On the big day, Pizza Hut’s pizzas will be available at the new $8/$10/+$2 simplified price offering – that’s $8 for a medium (up to three toppings), $10 for a large (up to three toppings) and +$2 for a specialty pizza. The simple, low prices are perfect for easy ordering and crowd pleasing.

Big Game Boss: The Big Dipper Pizza from Pizza Hut

On game day, there’s no better way to feed a hungry crowd than with the new Big Dipper pizza from Pizza Hut. With almost 2 feet of Pizza Hut’s delicious pan crust pizza cut into 24 strips, this pizza is perfect for entertaining large groups. Available with any one of the favorite Pizza Hut toppings, the Big Dipper comes with 4 cups of marinara sauce for pizza dipping fun for only $12.

Football fans can also complete their game day party with WingStreet wings from Pizza Hut, with eight different delicious sauces for traditional, crispy bone-in or boneless wing varieties. For those looking for a twist on traditional fare, Tuscani Pastas from Pizza Hut are sure to be as big of a crowd pleaser as a last second touchdown.

Early Ordering – Why Wait?

With Pizza Hut’s busiest day looming, pizza lovers are urged to order early at Pizzahut.com. Online orders for the Big Game will be accepted starting Jan. 30, seven days prior to kick off. The Pizza Hut interactive iPhone App offers pizza lovers a user-friendly way to order their favorites time and time again. Customers can also order via text message, mobile Web and even through Facebook. For more information or to place an order, visit Pizzahut.com.

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, America’s Favorite Pizza, delivers more pizza, pasta and wings than any other restaurant. The only pizza company to be named a top ten franchise in 2009 by Entrepreneur Magazine, Pizza Hut began 50 years ago in Wichita, Kansas, and today operates nearly 10,000 restaurants in more than 90 countries. Pizza Hut, Inc. is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM). To check out what’s new at Pizza Hut visit PizzaHut.com, or keep up with the brand via its social media channels at social.PizzaHut.com.

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