Sirloin steak at a Pizza Hut? That’s the key ingredient in a pair of new menu items being offered at the chain’s stores nationwide starting on May 2. And even B.J. Novak of “The Office” is getting in on the launch.

For a limited time, Pizza Hut fans can enjoy sirloin steak strips either on a pizza or in a Melt, the folded, handheld meal introduced last fall as part of the chain’s ongoing effort to update its menu.

Starting at $13.99, the Cheesesteak Pizza features grilled sirloin steak strips, Alfredo sauce, green bell peppers, onions, and Parmesan oregano. It’s available in a medium or large size with the customer’s choice of crust.

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The Cheesesteak Melt starts at $6.99 and boasts melted cheese, sirloin steak strips and other toppings. It’s baked to a crispy crust, then finished with butter and Parmesan oregano seasoning and served with ranch sauce for dipping.

To coincide with the launch, Pizza Hut is partnering with Chain, the Los Angeles pop-up co-founded by actor/writer/director B.J. Novak of “The Office.” Chain will host the Pizza Haute’s Dinner Series, an exclusive dining experience led by Chef Tim Hollingsworth in West Hollywood. Guests will receive three of Chain’s original creations: The Tri-Tip Supreme, a spin on a potato pizza that features bacon fat and thyme-roasted confit potatoes, plus the Classic Pepperoni and the Vegetarian Supreme.

The Pizza Haute event series will take place May 19, 20 and 24, and guests must make reservations by texting Chain at 323-310-4642.

Backed by Novak’s fame and Hollingsworth’s culinary cred, Chain has reportedly amassed a 15,000-person, celebrity-packed waitlist to attend one of its drops, which feature chef-driven approaches to iconic chain restaurant dishes and limited-edition apparel.

Hollingsworth even enlisted Noel Brohner of Slow Rise Pizza to create a pizza dough that’s reminiscent of the iconic Pizza Hut pan pizzas of Hollingsworth’s youth. “We strive to ignite nostalgia in every bite and to do so in a way that pleases modern expectations and palates,” Hollingsworth said. “For this collaboration, I wanted to capture those specific tastes that are exactly like my childhood memories of The Hut. So much of the fun of ordering pizza as a family was in getting different styles, so we’re serving three brand-new pizzas for Pizza Haute’s Dinner Series.”


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