Pizza Hut might not be the No. 1 pizza chain anymore—it yielded that position to Domino’s several years ago—but it still leads the pack in setting fashion trends. The latest example: the Hut Hat, a reversible bucket hat that brings two of the most iconic aspects of Pizza Hut restaurants—the red roof and lamp shades—to the throwback trend.

Pizza Hut introduced the first-of-its-kind fashion accessory on April 5 in partnership with Los Angeles-based pop-up Chain, a creative culinary collective known for reinterpreting well-known brand dishes and iconography to make unique culinary and couture creations.

Inspired by 1990s fashion, one side of the hat resembles Pizza Hut’s red roof, and the other offers a checkered design in black, white and red, resembling the lamp shades hanging in Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide.

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The new hat marks the start of a partnership between Pizza Hut and Chain, according a press release.

this photo shows an African-American woman wearing the Pizza Hut roof hat with her eyes and mouth wide open in amazement and her forefingers pointing to the hat

Pizza Hut

“Those Pizza Hut Tiffany lamps are some of the most iconic pieces of New Americana design,” Nicholas Kraft, a co-founder at Chain, said. “They elicit such joy and fond memories. And let’s be real: They kinda look like bucket hats all on their own.”

After a Chain Instagram post showing the similarity between the lamps and bucket hats went viral, Pizza Hut got in contact with Chain. “We brought on our frequent collaborator, Jen Lewis, the designer of the Kimojis and other pop-culture hits, to transform the lamp into a lid,” Kraft said.

“Pizza Hut and Chain are a perfect match,” said Lindsay Morgan, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut. “We both love modern twists on icons, whether it’s great-tasting pizza or fashion, and can’t wait to see fans styling these new hats.”

The Hut Hats are available here for $35 for while supplies last.

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