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Pizza Hut Blasts Off With New Online Tool

According to QSR Magazine, “as a means to delivering deals to customers—and as an attempt to stay at the forefront of new social media—Pizza Hut announced that it teamed with the upstart Blastoff Network.”

“‘Pizza Hut, especially, has had a long tradition of trying to provide maximum value to our consumers,’ says Bernard Acoca, senior director of digital marketing at Pizza Hut. ‘What we really look to do is partner with new, dynamic, emerging online partners that can provide maximum value to our customers.'”

“Dallas-based Blastoff Network is an aggregate Web site that lets users pull together their favorite online content—including social media pages, online video, news widgets, and more—into one Web interface. The same interface lets users shop online with participating retailers, who offer discounted deals on products. Blastoff also allows customers to earn money by linking to retailers’ Blastoff pages, making purchases, and inviting friends to join the network and spend money.”