Pizza Hut Ads Shift From Value To Branding

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, “Pizza Hut kicked off its new branding campaign — titled ‘Your Favorites. Your Pizza Hut.’ — during Sunday’s National Football League broadcasts with commercials featuring real employees from its restaurants.”

“The spots mark a pivot away from Pizza Hut’s advertising focus on its $10 any-size-pizza deal toward a branding effort centered on employees’ favorite foods and moments with their guests. The chain’s biggest rival, Domino’s Pizza, has scored a public-relations coup and increased sales all year with its ‘Oh Yes We Did’ campaign, in which its executives and employees tout the chain’s authenticity and its decision to reformulate its old recipe. By turning the camera on eight employees, whose ages range from 17 to 29, Pizza Hut is shifting the emphasis off price points and new products to get consumers focused on the dining experience at the Dallas-based chain. Pizza Hut said the stars of the new commercials were chosen from hundreds of employees who submitted videos sharing their favorite Pizza Hut stories.”