‘Pizza Heroes’ is Both a Game and Way to Land a Job at Domino’s


“Pizza Heroes is an iPad game in which you assemble virtual pizzas for Domino’s, and if you’re good enough, it just might land you a job at the real thing! Isn’t that awesome? Well, it’s supposed to be, at least. Maybe. Kotaku has the full rundown, including how the game plays, which is exactly what one might except: you’re told what kind of pizza to make, and you try doing so without screwing up. And that’s apparently hard to do, hence why you’re rewarded with the chance to apply for a legit job if you’re successful in game. Too bad every other single game on the planet doesn’t reward you for being good at it. Life is just cruel like that.”

“On the upside, yet another bonus is how the pizza you make in game can be produced in the real world. Basically, everything you do is transmitted to your local joint! I used to date a girl who used to love ordering from them online (yes, a girl who loved in NYC that still died on chain pizza), and apparently you get to do something similar on their website. Which I wouldn’t know firsthand, since I always ordered from the crazy Italian guy a couple doors down (who should probably be in an old folks home to be honest).”