(Winter, 2009) Bestselling cookbook authors Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough are back with an exciting new collection of 90 classic, international, and modern recipes for everyone’s favorite food. PIZZA Grill It, Bake It, Love It! (WilliamMorrow Cookbooks, on sale: December 23, 2008, ISBN: 9780061434457, price: $17.95) is an indispensable resource for the pizza lover and the home cook, and will guarantee fabulous pies that are sure to please every palate.


For pizza in the oven or pizza on the grill, Bruce and Mark offer simple and mouthwatering recipes for both cooking methods, and offer insight into the popular trend of grilling pizza —which is quickly becoming the preferred pizza-cooking technique of home chefs across the country. With recipes for three basic sauces and eight basic dough recipes, as well as tips for using store-bought dough and pre-baked crust, PIZZA will make pizza easier, tastier and more creative than ever.


From the well-loved to the adventurous, PIZZA is full of Bruce and Mark’s trademark foolproof recipes for all to enjoy. From traditional pies like the Pizza Margherita and the Four Seasons Pizza, to international pies, like Armenian Lamejun Pizza and French Raclette Pizza with cornichons, to light salad pies, like the BLT Pizza, and modern pies that take new twists on old favorites. There are ten recipes for Chicago-style deep-dish pie and appetizer pies like Zucchini, Lemon and Almond Pizza and Pesto and Dried Cranberry Pizza, in fact, there’s a pizza for everyone and for every occasion.  All in all, tradition to innovation, PIZZA is the new must-have for the grill, for the oven, and for pizza all the time.

About The Authors:

Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough are the authors of the Ultimate cookbook series and other books. They are contributing editors to Eating Well, write four national columns, and contribute regularly to Gourmet, the New York Times, and other publications. They live in rural Connecticut. Visit their website at http://www.ultimatecook.com for more about Bruce and Mark, their collection of Ultimate cookbooks, and innovative and easy recipes.

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