Pizza Goes Pink This Weekend with Komen For the Cure Fundraiser

“Goodfellas Pizzeria will shift its regular Saturday night agenda this weekend away from delivering piping hot pizzas to a more delicate cause, in hopes of raising money for the Susan G. Komen For the Cure’s breast cancer foundation,” according to Foster’s Daily Democrat.

“Co-owner Josh Partridge said his brother and his father were inspired to “go pink” and hold the fundraising event when a customer came in and said she needed a little help.

Barrington resident Amy Mercier, 31, approached the pizzeria to request a donation for the Susan G. Komen organization months ago. She said after losing her father, Roger Nadeau, to cancer 10 years ago this December, she felt compelled to do something to aid research of the disease. And although she said Nadeau was not a victim of breast cancer, “every little bit helps.”

She will be participating in the Komen’s three-day long walk, where participants hike 60 miles over three days and camp out in bright pink tents at the end of July and is hoping to raise $2,300 for that event.”