Pizza Goes Green

Buffalo, NY, March 1, 2007 – Chick-N-Pizza Works was the pioneer of drop off catering in the western New York area over 30 years ago.  Today, John Fortini, owner of Chick-n-Pizza Works located at 129 Abbot Road in south Buffalo keeps the family business alive and well. Fortini was recently recognized by Pizza Partner, the premier consulting partnership in the pizza industry, for his timely and novel marketing ideas. “I was thrilled to share some of my ideas with other operators”, said Fortini.
As Chick-N-Pizza Works approaches spring all things Irish come to mind. His new Family Meal Solutions, which are quickly becoming the most popular menu items, led john to create the Sensational Shamrock Sampler for theweek of St. Parick’s Day. The combo includes the custom made 29” Shamrock shaped pizza along some green sides, enough to host your own St Pat’s event.   The Killian’s Irish Red pizza, yes it’s made with beer, is the perfect pizza for those with a taste for more than ‘pub grub’. This specially formulated holiday recipe is covered with generous portions of Black Angus steak, mushrooms, peppers and a blend of cheeses atop John’s special blend of olive oil & spices.
Community outreach firmly roots Fortini as the leading pizzeria / caterer in the area. This is reinforced by a new movers program, where Fortini provides a complimentary pizza to new residents of the Irish Heritage District. Old fashioned hospitality and ingenious marketing make Fortini a breath of fresh air in today’s competitive market.
What is next for Chick-n-Pizza Works?  Fortini adds, “We want to guarantee you’ll get honest food and honest prices and I want to mix in some fun too.” Fortini recently unveiled a rewards program for loyal customers giving them unadvertised specials. The combination of people skills, technology and food service expertise enables him to execute a direct email program catering to today’s busy lifestyle. Learn more about these and other happeinings at .