Pizza gets a makeover in Tiverton High's Healthy Pizza Cook-Off

""According to, "Cathy Marshall loves to challenge her students. The culinary instructor at Tiverton High assigned her classes the task of coming up with a pizza that tasted great, but was also good for them. Out of the challenge evolved the first-ever Healthy Pizza Cook-Off at Tiverton High School."

“'The kids like challenges,' said Marshall. 'They like motivation. It gives them that little bit of an edge. I like to do whatever I can to help them to learn.' Marshall broke up her Culinary I class into four groups and two sections for Culinary II. During the contest, groups were given a week and a half to research ingredients, come up with a recipe and a grocery list and a work plan. They spent two whole days prepping their ingredients and chopping vegetables. They made homemade dough the day before the contest and were ready to cook when they arrived Friday."

“'I’m trying to get them to identify ways that we can substitute some ingredients into our daily lives and into our cooking that are healthy for us,' said Marshall. 'We want to be smart about our choices. Not to the point that it doesn’t taste good, because of course we need to enjoy it.' Marshall invited members of the community in to sample the fare. State representative Jay Edwards and school committee vice chairwoman Sally Black participated, as well as culinary professionals James Campagna, executive chef of the Boat House Restaurant in Tiverton and Phil DeDucca, owner of Nonni’s Restaurant," the story said.