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Pizza game offers slices of math to video players

The last few years he taught architecture at Philadelphia Community College, Tom Higgins noticed two things about his students: Their computational math skills were lacking, and they spent a lot of time playing video games.

What if, he thought, there was a video game that would teach basic math?

Higgins deposited the notion in his Great Ideas That Never Materialize file.

When he concluded his 44-year teaching career in 2012, Higgins went to work on making his idea a reality.

"I finally had the time to work on it," said Higgins, 65, of Ruscombmanor Township.

The result: "Pizza Math."

Players activating the game find slices of pizza with numbers on them falling like rain on Chef Panza, a panda driving a pizza delivery truck.

The idea is relatively basic: Players select numbers and make an equation to earn points.

For example, a player who'd select slices numbered 5 and 2 would have to find a 7 to complete an addition equation.

The player also can select subtraction, multiplication or division.

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