Pizza Fusion Upholds Social Integrity at Restaurants with Character Evaluation

Pizza Fusion maintains socially conscious culture at restaurants with the adoption of character evaluation during hiring process.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) March 3, 2008 — Pizza Fusion (, America’s most eco-friendly restaurant chain, recently collaborated with Ann Arbor-based, HRgems to launch TraitSet into their franchise business model. Another one of Pizza Fusion’s industry leading initiatives, TraitSet is an operational tool that assists franchisees in making better hiring decisions that will not only maintain Pizza Fusion’s core values, but reduce employee turnover, theft and training, as well as many other expenses.

“Hiring likeminded individuals who share our passion for organic agriculture and earth-friendliness is crucial to maintain the integrity Pizza Fusion was founded upon,” Vaughan Lazar, CEO and cofounder, states. “Through TraitSet assessments, we can be confident that employees from San Diego to New Jersey will serve delicious food while upholding our commitment to integrity.”

TraitSet provides business owners with the means to screen potential candidates through a series of online assessments. Developed by HRgems with the assistance of psychologist Dr. Ed Murray, TraitSet focused assessments allow employers to customize screening questions and identify the most promising candidates based on their responses.

“Pizza Fusion has thoroughly examined the challenges associated with opening a restaurant and gone the extra mile to provide me with tools and systems to overcome potential difficulties,” states Kris Adam, the franchisee behind Pizza Fusion’s new Weston location. “TraitSet has been an essential tool in determining the best candidates who possess the work ethic and morale necessary for ensuring the success of my business.”

These assessments assist Pizza Fusion franchisees in measuring a potential employee’s setbacks, which focus on attitude and behavior. Employees who share Pizza Fusion’s core values are instrumental in reinforcing the restaurant’s world-centric values and play a key role in their success. In addition, these assessments provide the necessary guidance to franchisees who might find themselves new to the hiring process.

“Pizza Fusion is a company that sets themselves apart with their unique business model that encompasses social integrity,” said Dan Longton, president of HRgems. “We’re proud to provide Pizza Fusion with a method of selecting employees who bear the characteristics that will best fit their socially conscious business model.”

About Pizza Fusion
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