Pizza Fusion Upholds Food Integrity amidst Salmonellosis Outbreak by Sourcing FDA Approved Tomatoes

Organic restaurant chain temporarily switches to FDA approved, conventional tomato vendors to ensure customers’ safety and uphold quality during FDA food safety alert


Fort Lauderdale, Fla., June 9, 2008 – In response to the FDA’s recent food safety alert ( regarding the Salmonellosis outbreak linked to the consumption of uncooked Roma tomatoes and round red tomatoes, Pizza Fusion ( is temporarily sourcing FDA approved tomato vendors farmed within one of the confirmed safe locations that the FDA released on Saturday.  Due to the seasonal availability of the crop, organic tomatoes are primarily sourced from Mexico and Florida, which have not yet been cleared by the FDA as approved safe sources.  As a result, the organic restaurant chain is forced to carry conventionally grown tomatoes to uphold their commitment to food quality and their customers’ health and safety.

“We’re taking the FDA’s food safety alert very seriously with concern for the health of our customers and the integrity of our food,” Ashley Rathgeber, supply development manager at Pizza Fusion, explains.  “At Pizza Fusion, we are committed to serving delicious organic food with an emphasis on healthfulness and quality.  We’re taking every step necessary to look after our customers and educate them on our dedication to their safety and health.  While sourcing conventional ingredients goes against our organic menu offerings, we’re ready and willing to do so at a moment’s notice in the best interest of our customers.  We will be paying close attention as more information becomes available from the FDA’s investigation.”

Pizza Fusion sources canned organic tomatoes for their sauce that are steam pealed and pasteurized in the can prior to being shipped.  This process of cooking the tomatoes in the can sterilizes the tomatoes, protecting them from any contamination, like that associated with the uncooked tomatoes linked to the Salmonellosis outbreak.

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