Pizza Fusion Recognized with Environmental Business Award

City of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. presents Pizza Fusion with Emerald Trophy Award for industry leading environmental business efforts

Fort Lauderdale, Fla., May 27, 2008 – The Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department recently recognized Pizza Fusion ( with their prestigious Emerald Trophy Award.  The Emerald Award Program recognizes businesses for their voluntary efforts in four areas: waste reduction, recycling, improved operating practices, and other “green” strategies that reduce pollution and waste.  Pizza Fusion was acknowledged under the Innovative Procedures/Process Improvement category of the award.

“This county program encourages businesses and government to be mindful of the impact their operations have on the environment and recognizes those who take steps to mitigate negative impacts,” states Broward County Mayor Lois Wexler.

As the most environmentally friendly restaurant in America, Pizza Fusion, whose motto is ‘saving the Earth, one pizza at a time,’ is setting the standard for sustainable restaurant practices.  Some examples of their green efforts, include building all their restaurants according to LEED certification standards, delivering their food in company owned hybrid vehicles, offsetting 100% of the power consumption of all their restaurants with the purchase of Green-e certified renewable energy certificates, mandating recycling in their restaurants, serving their food in biodegradable containers made from corn starch and utensils made from potatoes, reusing the heat from their oven to heat the water in their restaurants, providing organic cotton uniforms to their employees, using CF light bulbs in their restaurants, using only Energy Star Certified appliances when possible, using low-flow, dual flush toilets and waterless urinals in their restrooms, installing low flow faucet aerators in their sinks that cut water waste by 40%, and much, much more.  For a complete list of Pizza Fusion’s environmental initiatives, visit:

“We are honored to be recognized by the Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department and commend the City of Fort Lauderdale for promoting environmental business throughout the community,” Vaughan Lazar, CEO and co-founder of Pizza Fusion, states.  “Having the support and recognition of our hometown reinforces our efforts as a socially conscious organization.  As we continue our national expansion, we plan to make just as much of an environmental impact on the communities we’re entering around the country.”

Since launching their franchise program in February of 2007, Pizza Fusion has sold over 70 restaurants in 12 states, including California, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Illinois, Virginia, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida.

About Pizza Fusion

Pizza Fusion leads a new niche market by combining an eclectic organic menu with a detail-oriented environmental business approach in chic LEED certified fast casual environments. Pizza Fusion serves gourmet pizzas, ciabatta sandwiches, salads, desserts, beers, wines and more in their purest form – untainted by artificial additives, such as sweeteners, pesticides, preservatives, antibiotics and hormones.  For additional information, visit: