Pizza Fries Mountain is Pinnacle of Appetizers for Ohio Pizzeria

A pizzeria operator in Zanesville, Ohio, has combined two of America's favorite foods into one wildly popular menu star. Pizza Fries are all the rage at Lock 9 Pizza and they're precisely what they sound like: waffle fries smothered in pepperoni, cheese and any other potential pizza toppings, with a side of marinara sauce.

The Zanesville Times Recorder identifies JC Glaub, son of Lock 9's owners Todd and Marcia Glaub, as the mind behind the mound of fries. His proud mom says JC suggested a fries mountain topped with anything ever found on a pizza. After some experimentation, shoestring fries were tossed for the crispier waffle alternative. Customers can ask for their choice of toppings and takeout customers love the appetizer, which stays crisp on the drive home.

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