Breakfast is the most important meal of the day—and pizza is one of people’s favorite meals. Put the two together, and you get pizza for breakfast. This concept seems to be catching on: According to an ABC News poll published in 2005, at least 39% of Americans have had pizza for breakfast. That number may have grown since 2005, though, as pizzerias begin to catch on and offer customers pies that include scrambled or sunny side up eggs, potatoes, ham or other a.m. staples. And some owners have found that a simple menu expansion into the first meal of the day may also lead to an expansion in revenue and customer base.


Break Into Breakfast

Before adding breakfast to your menu, though, you’ll need to figure out if you have the customer base (or the potential customer base) to succeed. DiPaulo’s Pizzeria in Tonawanda, New York (dipaulospizza.com), began serving breakfast pizzas about five years ago, says owner Mike Grieco. Then a few office parks moved in down the road from his pizzeria, bringing about 1,000 more people through the area every workday. He now does 25 to 30 orders of breakfast pizzas per month. The pizzas go out to the various company offices, as well as schools, he says.

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