Pizza Fight: Hard Knox Files Demand with Brixx Over Wood-Fired Claim

According to, “Hard Knox Pizzeria’s competition with regional chain Brixx over which company makes authentic wood-fired pizza is rapidly heating up to lawsuit level.”

“Hard Knox has filed a cease and desist demand with Brixx, calling on the Charlotte, N.C.-based company to stop promoting its Knoxville pizza as being prepared in wood-fired ovens. Hard Knox, which claims Brixx makes its local pizzas in gas-fired ovens, is demanding that Brixx change its advertising and marketing to delete ‘wood fired.’ Hard Knox lawyer Michael McSunas issued a complaint to New South Pizza Inc., which does business as Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, on Oct. 23 and called for Brixx to ‘cease and desist making the false and misleading claim regarding its use of wood fired ovens on its Web site, signage, menus, and elsewhere in advertising and that it will not make similar claims in the future.'”