According to the New York Daily News, “Two New York pizzerias with a very similar name and family ties are duking it out for a piece of the pie.”

“Famous Joe’s Pizza and Joe‘s Pizza of Bleecker St. have gone from pie-slinging to mud-flinging in a federal court case. Famous Joe’s owner Pino Pozzuoli is suing Giuseppe Vitale in the city’s latest court battle over a pizzeria name. Like the battles over Ray’s and Patsy’s, Pozzuoli wants to stop his ex-employee – and onetime son-in-law – from using the Joe’s name, logo or photos of his Carmine St. pizzeria, a Greenwich Village staple for more than 30 years. ‘Our client has one location on Carmine Street, and nobody else is affiliated with them,’ said Marc Misthal, a lawyer for Famous Joe’s. Vitale owns Joe’s Pizza of Bleecker St., which isn’t on Bleecker St. anymore – and operates in Brooklyn and California.”

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