‘Pizza Farm’ Also a Place to Learn About Organic Methods

According to, “Visions of pizza usually center on the thick-crusted, cheesy creations assembled at a restaurant — not an organic farm in southern Illinois.”

“At the R Pizza Farm near Alton, about 90 miles southwest of Springfield, visitors can learn how ingredients for a pizza can be grown with organic farming methods. Its owner, Walt Gregory, is a businessman turned organic farmer, a teacher of organic farming techniques and a ‘minister’ who gently shares his faith in God with the 6,000 or so people who will visit the farm this year.”

“On a recent tour, Gregory greeted rain-drenched guests on the front porch of a log cabin that faces the half-acre circular plot that is divided like the slices of a pizza. Each slice represents a different ingredient that is grown or raised for the pizza. Tours cost $7.50 and include two slices of pizza and a drink for lunch.”