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Pizza expo show from Chicago

Best Idea
Pizzacast Reels In Customers

Wouldn't it be great if you could turn most cell phones into an automatic pizza ordering device? Well…Pizza cast is a mobile ordering channel offering you immediate connectivity to your customers. You can profit from the global growth of mobile commerce, or m-commerce. Pizza merchants gain access to prime exposure on mobile devices. You get a complete, end-to-end, secure m-commerce system resulting in increased sales volume, improved order input accuracy, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. The Pizzacast team can show you how to build an effective web and wireless web channel for your business. Go to for further details. Gary Leskun
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Fax 630-353-8008

Free Boxtops For Your Pizza Business

Did you know that someone has made a business out of selling advertising that goes with delivered pizzas? You always knew boxtopping worked for you but it also works for other merchants in your area as well. ADN Distribution will work with your pizza store so you'll get quality and interesting to read boxtoppers for each box leaving the store. ItÕs absolutely free. The cost to you is to allow other noncompetitive local merchants to advertise along with you. You get use of the front and back cover if you simply agree to distribute them to all your customers. ADN Pages
Sandy Lechner
954-246-5000 332

New POS System Operates on Private Internet!

This was the first visit made to a Pizza Expo for ABS internet systems. They have developed and manage a POS system built just for the pizza industry. Originally developed for Round Table Pizza Organization, it has been refined and adapted with the help and feedback of many independent pizza operators. What's different about this system is that most of the work takes place away from your store in a secure server that is part of a DSL independent network. In other words a privately managed internet which is faster, free of tampering, and much more secure. The pizza store does not need a lot of computer power. All that is needed in the store is a system of less expensive computer monitors that tie into the overall system.
ABS Online
Hubert Gotuaco ,CEO
3350 Scott Blvd Bldg 46
Santa Clara CA 95054
fax 408-588-1995

Cash In On ATM Opportunity

Are you tired of the increasing number of credit card transactions costing you money? Savvy restaurant owners are learning they can get paid to take cash when they install a cash machine – or ATM – in their restaurant. E*TRADE, in partnership with FireFly Technologies, was at the pizza show to educate pizza operators about this concept. When your customers use the convenience of an ATM in your location to get cash, you get paid for every transaction. And you offer your customers an alternative to using credit cards and checks. To find about more about how to qualify for an ATM machine in your restaurant, call FireFly Technologies at 866-678-6781.
FireFly Technologies
Duessa Holscher Managing Partner
15188 NW Central Drive
Portland OR 97229
fax 866-678-67681

Internet Ordering Capability Now On Your Website

If you have a computer, you have a POS system. And now when customers go to your website, they can order a pizza which appears to be ordered directly from your website. The resulting order will be printed on any of your store printers or it can be sent directly to your computer database. Even if you already have your own POS system, Web4POS can work with it. It can technically send internet orders directly into your existing system.
Richard Adler, CEO
1402 Bergan Blvd
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Fax 201-947-3870

What Do Kids Like This Year?

According to Hector Duran this year has been really good for yo yos and key chains. Kids love to collect key chains and show them off on their school back packs. As far as licensed merchandise the girls are going wild for the Power Puff Girls Toy Line and everyone likes any merchandise with Looney Tunes Characters.
Sherman Specialty Toys and Premiums
Hector Duran
Freeport, NY 11520
516-546-7400 x3058
Fax 515-546-2979

Ever used one of these?

From National Marketing, it's not a midget pizza bag. It's a hoagie bag. Why didn't you think of that?
National Marketing
Sherry Elmer, Winter Park FL 32789
Fax 407-629-0456