Pizza Equipment Supply Invites You To Join The Restaurant Refurbishing Revolution

Cherryville, NC (PRWEB) May 11, 2010 — PESI (Pizza Equipment Supply, Inc) announces a new way of looking at what they have been doing for years, adhering to the tenets of the Green Revolution by reusing and recycling older equipment and making it more environmentally friendly.

Since its inception, PESI has been in the market of providing refurbished commercial kitchen equipment to hundreds of restaurants around the world. Over the last decade, going green has gained more and more popularity and its primary tenets: Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse have been a major part of our business plan since our primary income is derived from the refurbishing (rebuilding like new) of commercial kitchen equipment. We have prepared a document can be viewed online as a slide show or PDF called Restaurant Refurbishing Revolution which explains our refurbishing process in great detail. This covers all three tenets of the Green movement, reuse, reduce and recycle. Loucretia Bramhall, Acting CEO of PESI stated, “…we have always been conscientious about the environment and wanted to show our customers that being green can save them money.”

With the addition of our modulating system to the older ovens, you not only save gas but also reduce your carbon emissions. PESI continues to have All the Parts, All the Equipment, All the Time. Save Green and Promote Green at the same time.