Pizza Earns Its Own Month: Here's Why

What's the best thing about October? Football, Halloween, The World Series? Naw–it'spizza and we've got the national statistics to back it up.

October is National Pizza Month and WFTS in Tampa Bay looks at America's favorite food by the numbers. The stats come fromThe List’sDonna Ruko. Here's some data that will blow your smartphone-connected mind–and maybe give you the munchies:

  • 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month–that works out to 46 slices a year.
  • We spend $38 billion on pizza per year, scarfing down 3 billion of those cheesy, saucy doughy delights each year.
  • There are 73,000 U.S. pizzerias–that's 17% of all restaurants.
  • Pizza Palaces dish out 350 slices every second

Readmore hot, steamy detailson America's pizza love affair, including a tidbit about women and veggies.