Pizza Delivery Comes With Fire Safety Message

"" reports, “When Vanessa Humphrey, 31, of Philomath answered the door after she ordered a pizza from Figaro’s Pizza, she didn’t expect to see a firefighter making the delivery.”

“‘It was strange,’ Humphrey said. But it also was some pretty inventive marketing in the name of safety. As a new way of observing national Fire Prevention Week, Philomath Fire and Rescue volunteers teamed up with Figaro’s Pizza to deliver pizzas to Philomath residents – and at the same time deliver messages about fire safety. After handing them their pizza order, participating firefighters asked homeowners if they could check their house to make sure their fire alarms were in the proper places and working. Those who passed the impromptu test received a $20 gift certificate. Figaro’s and the fire department shared the cost of handing out the fire safety rewards.”

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