Pizza Chef Has High Hopes for His Roadside Attraction

According to a news story from, “From the highway, Nothing does not look like much of anything.”

“The “town” that seems to suddenly jut out of the picturesque desert is a small yellow building with red trim surrounded by trash. The most noteworthy structure is a sign hoisted high in the air decades ago that declares the spot Nothing,” said the story. “It would take a man of vision, or a man of delusion, to think this 6-acre patch of ground could become a popular pit stop for tourists. Mike Jensen, the new owner of Nothing, will soon find out which man he is. Jensen, 49, dreams of turning Nothing into something of an Arizona landmark. He sees passing motorists munching on a snack of pizza. He sees Scout troops holding camping trips. He sees bikers turning the plot of land into an anything-goes party venue.”