Pizza chain has BIG plans for Super Bowl Sunday

Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza (Tacoma,WA) will be giving away Unlimited FREE Slices of pizza to patrons who come into any one of their 5 locations to watch the big game.

The promotion will begin one hour prior to the start of the big game and will end one hour after the game’s conclusion. The promotion will take place in the bar side of the Farrelli’s establishments where the game will be displayed on multiple, large flat panel televisions. To be eligible, guests must purchase a beverage and must be members of Farrelli’s Fire Club. The choices for the Unlimited FREE Pizza Slice are Farrelli’s championed Perfect Pepperoni pizza and their Classic Cheese pizza.

Farrelli’s will be promoting this event through their brand new website which integrates all of their social media outlets, as well as their email loyalty club called the Farrelli’s Fire Club. The Fire Club is FREE to join and patrons who are not members will be allowed to join that day to partake in the promotion. All of their social media outlets will be utilized to promote this event, including some viral marketing videos which will appear on the company’s YouTube channel;

The Unlimited FREE Slice promotion was the brainchild of Farrelli’s Founder, John Farrell and it has been embraced by the entire company.

“The difficulty is getting people to choose our restaurant over their friend’s house for a Super Bowl viewing party. So it will be exciting to see how much success we can have
with this promotion; after all, who doesn’t like FREE pizza?” said Clayton Krueger, the Director of Marketing and Communications at Farrelli’s Pizza.

Farrelli’s is a family owned pizza chain based out of Tacoma, WA with 5 locations in the Puget Sound region. The concept was founded in Lacey, WA in 1995 by John Farrell, his wife Margaret Farrell and their daughter Jacquelyn Farrell. Farrelli’s was recognized as the Independent Pizzeria of the Year by Pizza Today Magazine in 2006. For more information on this promotion or about Farrelli’s Pizza in general, please contact Clayton Krueger.

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